If He Does This Things For You Then He Truly Love You.

The love they said is beautiful and if you love someone let him go when he hurts you and if he comes back, then he is yours but if he didn't come back to you then he isn't yours.

Has anyone experienced such a thing in life?
It's never easy, most times the ugly memories that caused the separation will be fighting against the person not coming back to you.

If he is doing this thing then he is serious with you.
He is not playing around.

1) He will not do anything that will hurt your feelings for him.
He listens to the sound of your heartbeat, your desire is his.
Even if he has an ego in dealing with people, he will not allow his ego to come between you and him simply because he doesn't want anything that will hurt the Relationship.

People who are selfish and self-centered in a relationship are those who put themselves in priority not considering how it may hurt the other person and this is not the attribute of true love.

2) He will not go against anything that will make you happy.
This doesn’t have to be communicated through words that he wants to make you happy but his actions and decisions towards you are enough to convince you that your happiness is in the list of his priorities.
Most times it can be through his love language, or body language whenever you are with him.
Anyone who truly loves you doesn't just think about themselves but thinks about the greatness of the Relationship and the future of the Relationship too.
Making every effort within his power to see that the relationship works out well.

3) He takes Good Care Of Himself. He always keeps himself neat. He doesn't want anything that will distract the ventilation whenever you guys are together.
Through his actions, his friends will know that there is a woman in his life and that woman is you.

4) He Values Your Opinion.
Even the decisions he usually took on his own before he met you, he now wants to hear your opinion on it whenever such thing arises again because he believes you can say something meaningful to him not that he can't make a good decision without you, also because he treasures you so he treasures your opinion. If a man treasures you, he will treasure your opinion._

Love is about making someone more special in your life than anyone else. Couples who fail to understand this principle usually struggle a lot in their relationship and this brings disconnection when they communicate.
What’s more, can I say, love is about acceptance, trust, and belief? Because he truly loves you, he gives more credit to your words, your opinion, and your ideas than those of anyone else.

5) He will Not Judge You.
A man who truly loves his woman will never judge her, yes he knows you are not perfect but he will not use it to Judge you.
He will overlook your mistake.
Instead, when he thinks you are not being careful he will call you to order with that loving bedroom voice and then correct the mistakes for you.

Even when you are arguing with him, he will not make you feel as if you don't know anything, he will not stretch it that he must be the winner of the argument.
As I said earlier, a man who truly loves his woman will never want to hurt her in any way,  he will never be judgemental.

6) He realizes When He’s Wrong and he will quickly apologize.
He recognizes when he is wrong and quickly says sorry simply because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings in the relationship.
He doesn't allow his ego to control him and make him not say "I'm sorry".

Unfortunately, most people allow their ego to control them, and as a result of this, the Relationship will be affected negatively.
A man who truly loves his woman doesn't allow his ego to control him because he is fully aware that the ego will destroy the Relationship.

7) He will want to spend as much time as possible with you.
He will wish you are always by his side even if it is just to be gisting with him, laugh with him, play with him like kids that don't have anything to worry about.
He will not be bothered to call you on the phone as many times as possible with him.
Most times he will tell you "I just called to hear your voice," because he thought it had been days since he heard from you even when you guys spoke in the morning.

But this depends on individuals, as some men might need to maintain a certain balance between being with you and being alone.
As such, be careful when you assess this point.
Mr. A may be different from Mr. B in this aspect when it comes to showing love to a woman.

8) He can do Anything For You.
The action they said "speaks louder than voice” is certainly true in this scenario.

Remember he ”would do anything for you” doesn’t mean that he would accept anything you said or do anything you commanded him to do.
It simply means that he would be willing to do anything necessary to ensure your safety and the well-being of your relationship with him.

9) He will make God number one in the relationship. He will be concerned with your relationship with God.
Will not do anything to distract your communication with God such as Prayer meetings and will even be willing to attend with you.

This doesn't necessarily mean that he must attend your church, attending the same church with him is a good decision too.

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