“I will never forgive you.”
It's obvious you heard someone say these words before or you have probably said that to someone before and you realize that’s a death sentence, right? You may have said those words with the intent to inflict pain on the recipient, but saying those words will cause you to endure a slow, bitter, decimation of the soul that will eventually eat away at you from the inside out.

It’s not a pleasant phrase to hear when you are guilty of causing pain to another person.
It’s certainly not good to be the one saying it.

We all make mistakes. We all have done things we regret. My pastor, Chibuike, says, “We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” He’s right.
when I hurt others, I give myself the benefit of the doubt because I know I didn’t mean to hurt the person. But, when others hurt me, I assume they are out to destroy me and want to make my life miserable. Chances are, they just made a mistake just like I do on a daily basis.

One of the harder parts of forgiveness is that we don’t always feel like forgiving. The problem is that most feelings are often misleading and erratic. So to rely on the unreliable for something as transforming as forgiveness is to miss out on a chance to heal and move forward. You know you have forgiven your offenders when you cease to feel resentment against them.

Forgiving my uncle after maltreating me for four years and I stayed with him was a choice I had to make. He was repentant and full of sorrow. He apologized to me countless times. But, I still had to make the choice. So I did. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t really feel like it.

We all need forgiveness and we all need to extend that same forgiveness to others not just today, but every day.

Do you struggle with forgiving people when they wound you emotionally? If so, please you shouldn't.
Spend some time with your friends, your spouse, and family members today and ask him/her if you have wounded them emotionally and then sincerely apologize for hurting them.

When you Forgive anyone who offended you, you will feel relieved and free from emotional trauma too.
A woman of God, Joyce Meyer; says and I quote.
"Do yourself a favor and Forgive"
So you are actually doing something awesome to yourself emotionally when you Forgive anyone who offended you.

Forgiveness is not something you must do but is compulsory and very crucial that you do it as the Bible says, 70 times 70, Simply means it should not have a timetable, no matter how many times you have been offended, you should Forgive.

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