A lady returned and said, as a concerned neighbor I care to know what's up, she then told me that there was a man she had seen in the street, he possessed all the physical qualities she ever wanted in a man she wanted to date or marry, I felt so sorry for her, she added that that was the second time she admires a man but can't walk up to him even if she tried to put up somebody language they don't notice her,


So I advised her on what to do in case of next time, and I know so many of you here are facing the same on a daily basis, below are some of the things you need to do to get the man you desire, some men don't notice body language even some may notice you but scared to approach you, oh! You don't know that there are thousands and one man who is scared or doesn't have the boldness to talk to a lady, some of them are gentlemen, they avoid you in other to save the embarrassment of you turning him down or not them a listening ear.

If you See a man you admire, walk up to him, excuse him, and admire anything he puts on e.g shirt, trousers, shoes, etc tell him how it fits and how it makes him look more handsome then ask him where he bought it or who sew it for him and the price, tell him you would love to get some for your beloved dad or uncle, plead for his assistant to avoid being cheated, get his contact and let the Lord fight your battle.

(After 24 hours of trying to hook up with him in one of eatery close to you then tell him your feelings for him)

Or walk up to him with a smile pretending you guys have met before reaching him you act familiar by calling him any name that comes into your mind then ask him if he remembers you, he will definitely say no, ask if he is not by the name you just called? you continue by telling him your name and try to remind him where your people met either in church, burial, school, etc, he will definitely say it wasn't him maybe he looks like then let the Lord fight for you.

Remember to share with your friends, someone needs this idea or trick though it's not easy but have to go for what you really want.

Be real, be smart, and don't forget to dress up in your decent outfit just for him to know how responsible you are.

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