You Need To Avoid These If You Want A Happy Marriage.

There are so many things that are considered dangerous to Marriage.
It's a virus that can gradually destroy your happy marriage if not taken care of when it sprouts out. 

LAZINESS: Laziness kills marriage, been lazy ordinarily destroys life.
Unable to assist your spouse at home, or you don't have a job and don't care to have one, even when you know there's a need to. Gradually your spouse will start finding fault, and start complaining ordinarily about what should not complain or be an issue.
There is a popular saying, thus says; "No food for lazy man"
Being lazy is a virus in Marriage.

SUSPICION:  Don't suspect your spouse of cheating, or being involved in one dirty act or the other.
If you hear anything abnormal about your spouse, call his attention, and ask him or her directly to know if what you heard is true.
Suspecting instead of finding out by yourself will lead you to be acting negative and that will affect your Marriage.

LACK OF TRUST: No Marriage neither Relationship can stand or even grow without trust. Lack of trust kills marriage.
In the beginning, normally there is trust but when the trust is broken by cheating on your partner, it can't easily be fixed.
Just like when a glass is broken, no matter how you try to fix it, there will always be a crack of line on it.
Avoid anything that could cause a lack of trust in your marriage.

LACK OF MUTUAL RESPECT; Respect they say, is reciprocal. Respect your spouse no matter the age Gap, and respect each other no matter who is taking care of the family's needs.
Respect your spouse no matter the educational background. Lack of respect is one of the things that kills marriage.

UNFORGIVENESS: Forgive your spouse for whatever he or she has done to you. Accept apologies and also apologize when you are wrong.
No man is perfect.
Don't count on how many times your spouse has wronged you, it will totally kill the love you have for each other.
Unforgivingness kills marriage. (Forgiveness is not optional but it's important because it will save you the pain)

ARGUMENTS KILL MARRIAGE: What are you arguing about?
You did something wrong and you said you were not wrong?
You are arguing about who is the head of the family or who should have the final say on every decision made in the family?
What are you really arguing about?
The family is not a court of law where lawyers showcase their talent.
Arguments can only kill your Marriage, that's the fact.

As a matter of fact, will you be in the same Marriage with someone who keeps secrets from you?
You will even be afraid of the person because you don't know what he or she is up to, you don't know the next move of the person.
Once your spouse is beginning to be afraid of you, just know that your Marriage is about becoming a story.
Be open-minded and not be secretive.

EVERY FORM OF INFIDELITY KILLS MARRIAGE: Cheating of any kind, either just going out with the opposite gender, or sending secret romantic messages to the opposite gender, admiring the opposite gender, name them. It's infidelity and it kills Marriage and will even do the burial if you don't fight it.

LIES EASILY KILL MARRIAGE: Be sincere to your spouse in every aspect, sincerity matters.
No matter the job you are doing that could make you be telling the public lies, Never lie to your spouse, always be truthful, and be sincere.

MORE CLOSER TO YOUR PARENTS; Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage. Discuss every issue with your spouse, whether challenging or not. Your parents should not be involved or be aware of what's going on in your marriage, provided you are not in danger.
At some point in marriage, involving your parents is just like involving a third party in your Marriage, and that will negatively affect your Marriage's happiness.

NAGGING KILLS MARRIAGE: Be mature in every of your discussion with your spouse.
Consider his or her interest too. Consider the person's emotions, consider the person's mutual relationship with you, and consider the effect of your reaction to the person.
The nagging of any kind of it kills marriage.

ALWAYS HAVE TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE; Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage. Apart from God and your job, the next important in your life is your wife and children.
They need you, they want you around them, spend time with them. Go out on a date with them, buy gifts as you can, for them, and also appreciate the one they have for you, no matter how little it may be.
Not being steadfast or agile and powerful in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life. You must be prayerful.
You must be serious about your Relationship with God, you must always be ready to lead your spouse and children to God, no matter your religion.

If you avoid this, then watch your marriage glowing.

Always wearing a sad face and being moody kills marriage as well. If something bothers you why not discuss it with your spouse instead of nursing it in the heart?
If something is threatening your peace of mind, why not discuss it with your spouse rather than keep it to yourself and then go through unnecessary pain for you.
The family is the best place to be happy and Never to be moody for any reason.
When anything threatens the position or security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage.
The absence of the of knowledge of the Word of God and his wisdom kills marriage. Read your Bible daily, pray daily, and talk to God every day so you can have his directions for all your activities for the day.

Please, save a marriage today by sharing this.

May God bring healing to every troubled home and family,

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