Long Distance Relationships, is one of the Relationship so many have been in, no individual has been in it and enjoyed it like when you are in the same area with your partner, that's either in the same locality or the same state that both of you always see each other as you want.

Below is the negative effect of Long Distance Relationships.

1. Causes High blood pressure due to the fact that you don't know the fate of your partner. He or she may be professing love to you through the phone calls, through social media but you don't really know what's going on in your back.

2. Break down in concentration. In order to pay attention to your partner, you are likely to break down in concentration.
To so many people, they have lost focus while trying to please their partner in the long-distance relationship.

The time you want to do one domestic work or the other or pay attention to some certain things that you need to do is the time the person could be demanding for your attention through the phone call or through the social media and this is challenging because you will like to show love to your partner.

3. Sensitivity and being carried away from both gender around you.
4. Desperation due to temptations of wanting to hook up by both gender.
The person in the long-distance relationship with you may be in a serious relationship with someone else right where he is staying without your knowledge.

For instance; A lady is in a long-distance relationship with a man that is already happily married with kids. The man always professes love to her and keeps on posting her that he will come to see her and all that, but in reality, the guy is just wasting her time. (It happens to both man and woman)

5. Uncertainty of your relationship partner towards you. Your partner may be professing love to you but do you really know where the relationship is heading?
What's the final destination of your relationship with him or her?
Is it truly leading to Marriage?
From the handwriting on the wall, (the characters and the attitude of the person towards you) do you think it's going well or things will negatively change in no time?
It's true that every relationship must not lead to Marriage but are you in this relationship for fun?
Be certain of this relationship.

6. Lack to trust and sometimes a breakdown in communications.
Communication is one of the corner Stone of every Relationship even in marriage. No Marriage or Relationship can survive without communication.
Trust is also one of the major corner Stone of Relationship and also in Marriage. Whenever any of these two things are shaking then know it that it's over.

For instance, can you be with someone you don't trust as your date or your wife?
So once communication is no longer strong, there is every tendency that one person in the long-distance relationship will be suspecting the other person of cheating. Because the attention is not there again, which would have come through communication and communication would have to bring trust.

Long Distance Relationships are not advisable for anyone, the negative effect of it is more powerful than the positive effect of it.

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