Thursday, May 9, 2019


If you desire to be the husband every woman would love to have, here are the qualities of a good husband.
It is important you take notes of it all.

1) A GOOD LISTENER. A good husband should be concerned about the thoughts and stories that his woman has for him. A woman wants a husband she can open up to. An emotional companion.
Women like gisting,  the average woman likes telling stories and she wants a husband who can listen to her story.

2) KEEPING QUIET. He should know when to hold back his tongue or anger to prevent things from escalating especially when she is moody.
Controlling your anger is one of the things that show you are a man enough to handle a woman.
Women have verbal power so you should know when to keep quiet for her, because most times if you follow the way a woman talks to react to her, the end will be something to regret.

3) GOOD COMMUNICATION. He should learn the art of communication; face to face and over the phone. Learn to check up on her, to engage, to chat her up and keep the loneliness away.
The fact remains that every woman wants attention from her man, and communication is the head of the attention here, without the communication the attention can't be found.

Some times the going may be tough, as a man, he should learn to give direction. Where are they going as a couple and family? He should offer confidence, vision, and leadership.
The confidence, no leadership, and vision show he is the Head of the family, and that best describes him as good husband material.

5) ABILITY TO STAY FAITHFUL TO HIS WIFE. He should show commitment to the vision of their love through faithfulness. Leading from the front publicly and privately. Keeping off other women.
There are thousands of women out there in the street but you choose one out of them, let that one that you have chosen be more important than them all, that Best describes you as good husband material.

6) KEEP DATING HER. He should keep dating his wife no matter how long they have been together in the marriage. Make her feel special, compliment her, flirt with her, chasing her up and down in the garden, in the room, don't stop been romantic to her, make her to be happy whenever she is with you, make her to always miss you whenever you are away from the house, treat her like a Queen, she deserves it because she's one.

7) BOOST SELF ESTEEM. A good husband should make his wife believe in herself more, drowning her doubts, allaying her fears, reminding her who she is when she forgets, lifting up her spirits when she feels low, making her feel loved and beautiful when she does not feel all that.

Remind her that no woman is competing with her for you, always remind her how beautiful she is and what makes her be best from other women out there.

8) A PRAYERFUL MAN. He should cover his wife and children in prayer, a prayer warrior in the spiritual realm, committing his family to his maker, putting on the full armor and going to war, accessing the spiritual blessings meant for his family.
Every man that wants to be a good husband must know the benefits of being prayerful.

9) COMFORTING. He should be a shoulder to lean on when she cries, the person she runs to when this world overwhelms her. He shouldn't stop encouraging her, don't stop motivating her, make her feel comfortable just because she has you.
Yes, you are not God but there are things you are already created to be or do as a man and this is one of them.

10) INTIMACY. He should make her feel desired and wanted. Turn her on like crazy. Open her tap of wetness. Know which buttons to push to give her sweet highs.
Drive her to the cloud when she's in the mood.
Yes, you may not always be the mood when she is, but that attention Matters allot between you both in your Marriage.

11) ABILITY TO PROVIDE FOR THE FAMILY. Whether she earns more than him or not, he should play his part in meeting the needs of the family and seek ways to get more provisions and investments.
When you provide for your family, you can then ask for her assistance just to make the load easy for you to carry, but a good husband should always make sure that he provides for the family.

12) GIVE PEACE OF MIND TO THE FAMILY. He should be a peacemaker, knowing how to calm tense moments and avoid drama.
Don't expect your wife to be happy

13) CREATE HUMOR. He should know how to be her clown, how to mine for laughs out of her, how to make her smile, how to make her remember him when he is far from her and find herself smiling all by herself just because of the way he has been romantic to her.

This world can be tough for a woman; his mother, his sister, his friends, her friends, her boss, strangers might attack her. He should have the ability to keep her safe and make her feel she has an ally.
This is not about physical fighting but defending her when she's abuse, protecting her image as his woman as well.

15) ALWAYS SERVING. He should put his ego aside and attend to his wife and family even without being asked, anticipating their needs, being there hero. To lead is to serve.
As a man, he can make his wife believe that there are benefits in serving others and the only way to do it is by serving the members of the family.

16) DEFEND HER FROM HIMSELF. A man can become his wife’s worst enemy, the pain he can cause her if he chooses to harm her physically, emotionally, sexually or financially is too great. He should make sure he doesn’t be her worst mistake and as well will not allow others to hurt her either.

17) ALWAYS INSPIRING HER. His words carry so much weight. Words of appreciation and encouragement are enough to keep her going, he should keep refueling and recharging her.

18) HELP AND SUPPORT AT ALL TIME. He should care about her dreams and life goals and be her purpose partner, helping her be the best version of herself. He should ease her load and help out at home as well. They are a team.

19) GIVE EMOTIONAL STABILITY AND SECURITY. He should make sure that he is consistent, being her constant, a steady hand. When a woman is given clarity, she lets down her guard and releases her love.

20) HE'S ROMANTIC. He should understand how sensitive a woman’s skin is and how it loves to be touched. He should learn the nonverbal communication of touch, how to rub her back, hold her waist, stroke her skin and cuddle up with her.
Women love a romantic man.

He should also have the ability to be vulnerable, to need his wife, to allow her to do the above things to him, to be there for him, to trust her with his issues and to give her room to love him. Women love being of value.

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