Dear Bachelor, Before you ask that sister out, now that you are only just eyeing her and praying for a go-ahead order from above.

Here are a few things you must be prepared to do once she says yes and the Relationship starts.
Because Relationship is work oh. So know first what you are asking for.

If this is a headache for you, as in, you are thinking must it be every day, what of twice a week, I'm a busy guy oh, please just as you are busy ehn, do us a favor, be a single guy too.

Relationship Starter Pack for guys.
✔️ Time and
✔️ Airtime.
Women love attention, they thrive on it, they grow and blossom where it is present in abundance and they get confused and grumpy when it is under supplies.
Call her in the morning, Call her in the evening.

Don't forget to text oh, don't say because you have already called, you will not be excused for not sending text messages.
Send her text messages, to tell her how beautiful she is, send her sweet nonsense texts, send her spiritual texts too, and motivational texts, balance it, as long as it's from you, send all the texts.

Male Doctors, most of you are on this table I am shaking now,
I'm tired of hearing Your complaints,
"I'm too busy" and "I don't have time" but you had time to ask her out.

Yesterday's own has expired,
Just like God's Mercy that is new every morning, your declaration of love must be renewed daily
Your "I love you" has an expiry date of a few hours, not even 24 hours, talk less of the one that the last time you told her how much you love her was last week, is like you are hungry for quit notice? 

You'll need to tell her those three words
"I LOVE YOU" at least once daily, every day,
Don't get tired of saying it, say it on the phone, via texts, face to face, write it on the gift you bought her, write it in a letter and give her, have it designed on a cake for her,
Don't complain that every time she'll be demanding to hear it, did she beg you to come and ask her out?

Dear Bachelor reading this post, please place your hand on your phone screen and repeat after me
"I will have money, good enough money"
"I will not be a stingy Man to my wife and my children"
God bless you if you prayed that prayer.

I know it's not an obligation, you aren't her father, it's a relationship, not a money-making avenue, YES, I agree.
But, you don't understand the respect, admiration, and love that you deny yourself when you never give the lady you are dating money no matter how little. 

As a matter of fact, so many Relationships have been broken into pieces because of that.
Any Man who doesn't give his partner money (especially where he has it) because to him they are just dating or in a relationship and not marriage will not experience her respect and love fully, she will not take you seriously, irrespective of how handsome you may be.

Stop telling her "Baby you know I love you", give her money to care for her needs, and the money will do MC work for you.
Sometimes keep quiet and let your money announce your love for her to her. Am not saying that you should empty your account but do what you can then not do anything.

You'd need to make time no matter how busy you are to be with her,
if you don't do this how would you guys get to know each other?
Make time from your busy tight money-making schedule and spend time with her.
It could be time spent praying,
Time spent gisting.
Time spent on a date, at the cinema.
It could be the time you guys spent together walking down the street going nowhere than just to take fresh air and buy ice cream by the roadside.

Spend time with her.
Don't make her feel like she is still single when she ain't because she has you so she's not single again.
Don't ask her out and leave her out.
Keep dating her,
Keep admiring her.
Keep buying her gifts, it's one of the million ways to tell her you love her.

Because in some days she will be angry at you for no reason at all,
And on other days, you'll actually offend her consciously and unconsciously.
If you are a Proud man, if you are the type that has an ego, please kill the ego before it kills you.
If you don't know how to apologize,
Please learn it now.
Am sorry is a short word but it's too powerful to put things together, it's too powerful to heal a soul.
Learn to say am sorry.
As a young man planning to go into a relationship, or in a Relationship, know this

You are gradually losing her once she starts feeling like a single lady because of your actions and inactions.
Please note: You'll most likely find it easy to do these things initially, but as the relationship gets older you'll find yourself becoming complacent and lazy, "She already knows I love her" etc.
Starting is good, but continuing is better.

Luke  9:62  "And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom."
Don't just start doing these things but keep doing them.

God bless you and bless her too.

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